Thursday, 23 August 2012

Freud + SNRI Withdrawal

I have three followers? When did this happen?!? Well, welcome third follower :) always happy to know my blog is interesting enough for people to read.

I've had a down day today. Getting off Cymbalta is kicking my butt and I definitely felt the drop in serotonin....or something. >.> It took the extra treat of an organic mocha to get me to class today, which i'm actually glad about as we were talking about the skeletal system and it was actually interesting. And mochas are delicious. So over all I did end up feeling better, though it isn't fun struggling with depression just on the edge of my moods.

And I continue to have some pretty messed up dreams. Once more likely thanks to the cymbalta. It seems like my mind is just putting the worst possible things together with whatever happens in my day to make my dreams, and let me just say that yesterday we were talking about Freud and Oedipus complex. Yeah.

Ankle is still angry, jaw was a bit better. R hip is angry. I think making the bed yesterday aggravated my back a bit. Blah. Need to see the physio tomorrow. I'm also just really tired. I think i'm likely to go to bed early tonight.

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