Thursday, 30 August 2012

Naturopath Appointment

I had an interesting meeting with a new naturopath today :). My other (lovely) naturopath had to take time away for family reasons, so he recommended this one (also lovely). He was so funny! And once he found out I am a naturopathy student he was happy to tell me all about the different herbs and supplements he was prescribing and took a picture of my iris and told me about it (iridology).

He said that the rings around the grey/blue/green parts my iris meant that I have had a lot of stress throughout my life that I haven't let go of (sounds like the psychic when she said that I have so much worry in me that if someone reached in and took it away I would crumble!). And that the wiggly fibers meant that I had a lot of worries on my mind. The ring around the middle represents my gut and that it is very out of whack, especially my stomach which apparently isn't digesting correctly (not enough stomach acid?).

My eyeball

He also let me peek in when he was making up the herbal extract mixture and let me smell the different extracts he put in ^__^ it was very exciting! *naturopathy-nerding out* It was great being able to talk to him and get a good idea of what he was prescribing and what autoimmune arthritis means in naturopathic terms.  The only down side is that he wants me to go back off gluten *grumble* but i'll do it if it'll help.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Quiet day today. First day cymbalta free. My brain hurts.

Saturday, 25 August 2012


I'm grumpy >:/. Most likely because i'm tired.

Had a nice day actually. Started off with a nice snuggle with the hubby, a walk, grocery shopping....but among those was also a mini-panic attack and maybe too many cookies. So i'm going to continue to blame SNRI withdrawal and try to get more sleep tonight.

Jaw is feeling a bit better. It only hurts when I open my mouth wide. My ankle was off and on today but I could get around without a cane. It hurt walking up hill especially.

Saw the physio yesterday. She gave me more exercises to do *sigh*, but seemed nice and knowledgeable. She also massaged my back so she's basically my new best friend.

Now i'm going to go have another cookie and hopefully get some sleep.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Freud + SNRI Withdrawal

I have three followers? When did this happen?!? Well, welcome third follower :) always happy to know my blog is interesting enough for people to read.

I've had a down day today. Getting off Cymbalta is kicking my butt and I definitely felt the drop in serotonin....or something. >.> It took the extra treat of an organic mocha to get me to class today, which i'm actually glad about as we were talking about the skeletal system and it was actually interesting. And mochas are delicious. So over all I did end up feeling better, though it isn't fun struggling with depression just on the edge of my moods.

And I continue to have some pretty messed up dreams. Once more likely thanks to the cymbalta. It seems like my mind is just putting the worst possible things together with whatever happens in my day to make my dreams, and let me just say that yesterday we were talking about Freud and Oedipus complex. Yeah.

Ankle is still angry, jaw was a bit better. R hip is angry. I think making the bed yesterday aggravated my back a bit. Blah. Need to see the physio tomorrow. I'm also just really tired. I think i'm likely to go to bed early tonight.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Update (yes, really)

Goodness, it's been over a month since i've entertained my two readers with my oh-so-interesting rambling!

Thats because we don't have internet at the apartment >.> but as the roof is being repaired, we are back with my MiL.

So here is an update in a nutshell:

-Did on the job training
-Had three shifts
-Had an incident on the third shift which resulted in me hurting my back
-Went on workers comp.
-Went into full on fibro flair
-Still figuring things out job wise, but it's quite possible I wont be able to return to that job :(

-Started back at Uni
-Going well.

-Started Cymbalta
-Hate Cymbalta
-Going off Cymbalta
-Starting to get withdrawal symptoms already, and i've only decreased the dose.
-If I still need something for anxiety, i'll try a naturopathic medicine. I'm tired of all these pills...

-Milo was doing really well with barking and doggy daycare
-Milo got a tummy bug :(
-Milo was fine
-Milo's tummy bug returned with vengeance
-Milo lost a lot of weight do to tummy bug :(
-We had to be very careful what he ate, while trying to get his weight up.
-Milo is doing much better :) weight is back up and he's happy

I haven't been able to go to any meet ups or hang out with anyone due to all this random stuff that keeps popping up. I've also been tired, not quite exhausted, but easily fatigued.

On a lighter note, i've finally started losing weight again! I believe this is due to both getting off some of the meds that cause weight gain and bringing a very healthy lunch with me to school. Plus I just haven't been able to handle as much crap.

As far as joints go, they haven't been too bad. My jaw on the right side had been painful off and on for about three weeks, but really it doesn't hurt me to have to eat oatmeal instead of chips ;). My R ankle is bothersome, also for about three weeks. Thats a bit more concerning, but there isn't really anything that can be done. My walking stick has been getting a work out! BTW, after speaking with my lovely counsellor, I have decided to refer to my walking stick as my Happy Stick from now on.