Friday, 21 September 2012

Owning the Internets

We finally have the internets! After a few weeks of annoying phone calls to our new provider, we finally have all the hook ups right and the lines correctly attached. Thank goodness, i'm sure my three followers have desperately missed my updates ;).

Honestly, I haven't been doing too well. I've been feeling quite fatigued and sore. I've also found out my the discs in my lumbar spine have degenerated and my L4/5 is bulging (thats the one I had to have emergency surgery on btw). Also facet joint degeneration at L5/S1, which I still don't completely understand but i'll talk to my normal GP about it when she gets back from her vacation.

But mostly i'm tired. I had a "vacation" off from school this week, I use quotations because i've been really busy and stressed this week. Maybe i'll write about it another time, but lets just say i'm just too tired and sick feeling to deal with anything else tonight. Plus i've got a super busy day tomorrow with a Pagan meet up for Ostara and a friends 21st b-day :). I've been looking forward to both so I am going to head off to bed soon.


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