Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Post-op Day 8 *WARNING*

*SURGICAL IMAGE WARNING* I'm going to post a picture of my knee post-op without the bandage.

I haven't updated lately because my days have been similar. Rest, ice, tell Milo to stop barking, sleep, repeat. I have been healing though, i've been able to put more weight on my leg each day. I used two crutches, then one crutch, now i'm hobbling around without anything at home but used my cane when I went to see the doctor. Speaking of my GP, they didn't even send her the report! She didn't even know I had surgery until I said "well, i'm here to get my bandages off...". Lol. And what a relief it was to get them off! Wanna see a picture?

Bruises and Stitches

It's pretty bad quality...but basically my knee is inflamed and brused everywhere. It doesn't hurt much though, the feeling is like it's bruised. Which it is. And like I can't bend it all the way. And a bit achey. But compared to sciatic pain, it's nothing! I'm not sure why i'm bruised farther down the leg, maybe the surgeon was leaning on it? I'll have to ask next week. The stitches are prickly. My wrists are also getting quite sore. Whether from being on the compy/phone, arthritis flaring, or from holding my self up on counters and crutches i'm not sure.

In other news, i've started the second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I'm trying to catch up with the tv show (which is on season three, I think it would be around book three?) but it's slow going. I don't think I read as quickly on the computer as I do a physical book. Strange?

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