Thursday, 2 June 2011

Physio Part 6

The physio beat me up t.t. Not only did I leave there really sore, but she gave me hard core-strengthening exercises to do!  She also said I could start doing pilates. Like, one on one, and that I should get a pilates ball to help build up my core strength @.@. I might do one or two one-on-one pilates classes, but I sure as heck can't be doing that every week! Not to mention seeing her every other week! Thankfully the pilates ball isn't expensive.

Beyond that.. I didn't do very much. I made a yummy pizza for Bran's birthday (it's actually tomorrow, but we had it tonight as we will be out tomorrow night). Tomorrow i'm going to make him a cake. He is going to be 25 :) so old! Just kidding hun <33.

One week from now we will be in Sydney, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brother and Keri :) I can't wait!

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