Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chili 2

So, today I shall make a new blog post. Today I am making chili :D.

Chili always reminds me of my Mum, who would take most of a day to make the delicious stew. I remember her adding bits and bobs, chopping and browning and letting it sit. When I became a vegetarian, she even made sure to make a special pot just for me :). We would eat it by the bowl full with cheese or sour cream on top, or with crackers, or on top of a hot dog (which was my person favorite ;) thank you Sonic the Hedgehog).

Today, I make my own version. I still use the basics of; onions, peppers, celery,canned tomatoes, kidney beans and spices, but I also add in other vegetables and black beans. I sometimes add different amounts of spices and even some cocoa powder if i'm feeling adventurous! This time around i'm also adding in quorn mince "meat".

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