Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve non-existant readers :). Bran and I are going to the Gold Coast with some friends for the evening. Just a quiet party with friends, no big drink-a-thon out in the pubs, and thats the way we like it. Here are things i'm going to try and do for the new year;

-Go for a elimination diet for at least a week then add things back in
-Go to water aerobics classes/start swimming regularly
-Get arthritis under control
-Take at least a few classes from Endeavour
-Learn to have more patience with myself and with my husband
-Cook more in bulk
-Grow more edibles
-Of course, lose weight

Pain: R: arm, fingers, ankle, knee. L: Arm, most fingers, ankle. Back is sore today too, especially to the right of my lower back. I'll take some voltarin before I leave but trying to stay away from prednisone as I think it's upsetting my stomach.

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