Thursday, 29 December 2011

Welcome Back

I finally manage to update this blog to include previous blog posts before I put the other one to private. I hope anyone who stumbles upon this doesn't mind the probably half-year gap >.>. I shall still keep a private blog for personal rants but i'll try and keep this one up to date :).

So today Bran had his job trial. It seems hard to get a read on what they really thought, but i'm thankful once again that he already had a position in the new year.

I bought a new swim suit yesterday. It's very cute, I think. Hopefully it will be cute when I start up the water aerobics with the little old people in the heated pool XD. Ah dear, what fun arthritis is.

We had pizza for dinner, not home made, I got a margarita pizza on a thin crust and it wasn't too bad. I was good and only had 4 slices ;).

I think it will be good writing for an audience again, whether anyone reads it or not. It will make me stay positive!

Pain: R arm, elbow had an interest crunch this morning. Wrist was very painful after attempting to knit. L: Elbow, wrist, most fingers hurt today. R ankle, knee.

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