Monday, 17 December 2012

Biochem and Panko

Here is to getting back into the swing of things. Today I went to go see my Naturopath. He's been a real trooper with helping me deal with all off the symptoms and emotional problems that go along with being chronically ill. We've found some things that work (in this care, very well for anxiety) and lots of things that haven't. But that's life I suppose. We are trying to raise my energy from a different path this time, utilising a specific amino acid that I forgot the name of and will tell you about tomorrow. He went on about how it assists with mitochondria producing more atp and allowing acytle-CoA something something science biochem......I actually did understand it at the time thanks to my biochemistry course.

On a completely different note, i've found a really good way to panfry chicken. It uses panko instead of flour or bread crumbs :D. Turned out nice and crunchy to go ontop of our salads. Yay sort-of healthy!

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