Thursday, 27 December 2012

Anime and IKEA

It's been a busy few days. We've had cooking and baking and meeting with family and much eating...

But it's been nice to see Bran's side of the family :). I'm actually going to IKEA tomorrow with some of the women.

I'm feeling very tired though. I'll likely go to bed early so I can head off to meet them all at Sarah's house (which means public transport at peak morning hours).

Poor Milo has been alone more often, but we've made sure to give him extra treats and walks.

I finished re-watching neon genesis evangelion. Still crazy. If you watch the movies afterward it makes more sense. Although in this case I watched the last movie (in that series  then was confused and went back to re-watch the anime...a bit backwards XD

I bought some nice clothes that were on sale :D no less than 50% off! Huzzah!

I'm soon to get my Australian driver's license. Although we wont be getting a car anytime soon. It's more to have rather than carrying around my passport. Plus then I can start the process of changing my name legally.

Does IKEA stand for something? Am I just writing it in capitals for the heck of it?

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