Saturday, 9 March 2013

Confusing, but OK

I've had a bit of an up and down day. Pain-wise i'm feeling just about back to my normal level of back pain (which is to say, annoying and not normal, but nor so horrific that I need to take narcotics). I'm not sure what helped in this...or if my body was just like 'eh, that was fun, back to normal now'. It's something i'll have to talk to my doctor about.

I was able to do my normal grocery shop with my lovely MiL, but I ended up getting an ocular migraine. It isn't so much fun having the world tip to either side and get fuzzy in patches. I only had a bit of a headache on the right side, it was more the visual disturbances. Not sure what triggered that. I've had more dairy than normal? My gut is telling me it's unhappy. I'm not sure why it's fine sometimes and unhappy other times. Crazy body.

So I was feeling unhappy at that point, but I was ok. The migraine subsided and Bran went out to see his friends and watch footy. I'm glad he wasn't watching it here ;). Nah, i'm happy he had his 'man time' out with his friends. I took this opportunity to mope around, watch an episode of glee, be more mopey, then finish a paining. There is something about painting, listing to music and singing like a scalded cat that is so cathartic XD. I now have another painting I can hang on our walls, started a new one, and felt much better for it. Then I cleaned the stove and watched a happy sappy movie.

So I end on a good note, feeling alright in body and mind. Milo is feeling much better too btw. His paw is still a bit pink but the inflammation is gone and the hair is growing back between his toes.

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