Thursday, 28 March 2013

Post-op Day 2

I was on my own today. Not my favorite. I'm feeling much more tired and ended up taking a three hour nap in the middle of the day. Though on a good note, I was able to take a shower (on my little stool) without getting the bandage wet. It's nice to have clean hair :). I've been putting a bit of weight on my leg now as well, I haven't had any endone today so I can see exactly how much pain i'm in. Keeping in mind i'm on slow release panadol, but it's pretty bearable.  I'll take some endone tonight to help with sleep but I should be able to go without it soon. Took the brace off today as well, honestly I think it was more cumbersome than helpful to begin with. My wrists and shoulders are sore though...Here are some pictures!

My leg without the brace, you can see crutches in the background

I kept water and ice packs in an insulated bag next to the couch, handy!

Milo keeping watch, he isn't impressed with my photography skills

Little stool with non-slip spots on it, handy for couch-side table and showering

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