Friday, 15 March 2013

Haircut and Tea

I've had a great day! First, my pain levels are down to a 2-3, which is fantastic as i'm usually at at 5-6 and lately often a 7.

Second, I finally got my hair cut! The hair stylist was fantastic and a lovely person. I got my hair cut at The Ruby Room in Nundah, if anyone wants to know. They gave me coffee and a head massage as well as a fantastic cut. Plus she actually explained how to style my new haircut, which sometimes they neglect to do. So here is my new 'do:

Haircut <3

Third, I had a delicious afternoon tea at Queenies Tea House, which I will also be going to with Bran, SiL, and MiL next weekend for a high tea! They were also lovely, I had a wonderful sticky date pudding and some tea which I don't remember the name of but was also good!

I then (fourthly) went to my osteopath to get some work done, and everyone in the place complemented my new haircut :) it's always nice to get complements.

So at this point i'm lookin' good, nicely fed, and feeling good.

Now i'm having Red Rooster (it's a fast food place that serves chicken) and snuggling with my hubby :). Nice way to end a great day! I've fluffed up my hair a bit, and i'm so looking forward to playing with it and my new styling cream. 

Oh, and it's my birthday <3

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