Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Biology and Alchemy

I'm getting more mouth sores lately...I may ask my rheumy (whom i'm seeing on friday) for a prescription for a daily dose folic acid instead of the twice weekly one I take...

In other news, third day of classes today! Had human bio 2, which was quite interesting. We are learning about blood, as mentioned, and today we talked about blood types, what makes a blood a specific type, Rh factor, and some diseases that have to do with blood. There was more than that, but it's a three hour lecture so i'm not going to get into all of it :). By the way, my lecturer is apparently an alchemist! How interesting! He had some fascinating ideas on how blood is where the spirit lives, and to make a strong medicine you need the spirit, body, and soul (alcohol, salt, oil) of the plant. It'll be interesting to get his take on things.

I wasn't awesome as far as pain goes. I did take a panadeine forte today as my back pain was not so much fun. I really hope the amitriptyline kicks in soon.

Also, Bran made pizza <3 I do so love my husband!

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