Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Valentine

Back is feeling a bit better :). Today was valentines day, so I made Bran some yummy cupcakes and meatball subs. Using chicken mince for the meatballs. Yum.

The cupcakes were originally going to be red velvet, using beet juice as dye, but I added a bit too much coco powder so they were basically just chocolate. Still quite yummy and I do so enjoy cream cheese frosting. Here is the original recipe. I did make some changes; I used less sugar, more coco power (and by default less flour), and used half a cup of sour cream (very thick) and half a cup of boiled and squeezed out beet water/juice. I think the color would have probably been fine if I hadn't added the extra coco powder. I used my usual recipe for cream cheese frosting.

I didn't make the flower on top, but i'm getting better at piping :).

My stomach is a bit twisty today...i'm not sure if it's all the sugar or if I caught something...

And Bran got me flowers <3 I do so love my husband!

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