Sunday, 10 February 2013

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day :). We got some chores done in the morning then went out for a high tea with my MiL and SiL in the city. It was quite yummy, with dainty little cakes and sandwiches, both Bran and I were so full that we didn't have dinner. Luckily we made sure to walk there and back, so we worked off a bit of that cake!

On that note, I was able to do a good bit of walking today without needing a rest. That is really good news compared to how I have been lately. My back still is sore, and my hands are perpetually sore, but it's much more manageable and I find that walking definitely helps my back to loosen up. I've also just upped the amitriptyline so we'll see how that goes tomorrow. So far I haven't really had any side effects from it but i've only been on 10 mg (20 mg tonight).

I've signed up for classes as well, really looking forward to getting back into it! Now I just need a good part time job and it'll be coming up roses!

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