Monday, 25 February 2013

I Do So Love Class

Today wasn't too bad of a day, despite it being rainy and a little cold. I got to wear my armwarmers that Bran got me for christmas <3, and I went to see my NP, who is always lovely. I hated having to tell him about going back on more pharmaceuticals, but he was understanding and we focused more on digestion. He is a kind person, so i'm always glad to see him.

On the other hand, I was late for class >.> but since I have a disability impact statement exactly for this reason (and I was walking around with my cane) my lecturer wasn't bothered (and took the time during break to catch me up :) ). I'm so thankful to go to a school with such kind lecturers. 

Pain wasn't too bad today, although for the past few days my ankles have been going out. So I used my cane to make sure I wouldn't trip. My R knee went out once and my feet keep falling asleep but otherwise I was alright. I need to make an appointment with the osteopath I was seeing before, but i'm hopeful things will start to even out soon. 

Oh, and no sign of the maggots. Thank The Gods!

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