Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shopping, Sick, and Sciatica

It's been a busy few days. Saturday I went grocery shopping, changed the tap handles (i'm so handy!) had a lovely meet-up with some pagan folk, and then was horribly sick around 10 pm. As in, projectile vomit sick. I'm not really sure why...

Feeling better today, though i'm having a lot of pain between my back and knee on the right side. After speaking with my counsellor on friday (who used to me a massage therapist) i'm thinking it may be nerve pain. Which is concerning, as I haven't done anything to cause any disc problems...

I've also had a meeting with most of the other owners in regards to some things that need to be done around our apartments.

First day of classes tomorrow :) i'm looking forward to it.

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