Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chicken Meatballs and Evil Banks

Ah dear..ok so bilding inspection today. That turned out pretty much as we expected it, some little pluming things, railing on balcony will need replacing and of course the roof (and floors >.>). Other than that the building is structurally good.

On the other hand, heard back from the bank. The want more papers and to have Bran be the only one on the contract. Thats fine, but that means an extra fee for the solicitor. Blah. They also want proof that we've paid off part of Bran's student loan. We have payed off a chunk, but we have another chunk we'll pay off tomorrow. Now i'm worried they'll think we are irresponsible or something T.T. So much anxiety surrounding this. *sigh* It'll just have to be one day at a time...one step at a time..Bed soon.

Not too sore today, R hand a bit. R foot a bit. Still tired, but better than yesterday.

On a lighter note I made some yummy chicken meatballs! They had secret mozzarella in the middle ;) which ended up being not so secret as it squeezed out a bit >.> but still tasty! I used a take on this recipe using chicken mince instead of beef and whole milk mozz instead of low fat. I didn't have any hard cheeses so I added more bread crumbs (which were actually cracker crumbs) as well as fresh garlic and onion as opposed to powdered. Other than that I followed it >.>. Anyway, they came out really well, even Bran really liked them <3 maybe something new to make for dinner :).

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