Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Update of Dooooooooom

We has another visitor this morning :). It was a little fluffy cream coloured pup. Of course she didn't have any tags, so I spent 40 minutes walking around the giant hill here knocking on doors >.>. Lots of people still in their pjs. We did eventually find her owner, who said she was just on her way to get some tags...yeah. She was a nice little pup anyway.

After that adventure, I had to rush to get to the RBWH for an MRI of my knee. I have no idea when i'll get the results, I guess when the ortho-surgeon feels like getting back to me. Always fun to have to wear just a thin little gown and go into a small noisy tube.

After that I had to rush back home to let Milo out and rest a bit before class. I. Was. So. Tired. But Milo wanted love (and to go in and out plenty of times) so I didn't get to nap.

In between this I called the property lawyer to set up a meeting (tomorrow), called the real estate guy to make sure he had talked to the owner (he had), and called the loan guy to see where he is at with that (he was seeing if he could lend us more, thanks anyway RAMS :) ).

Now i'm going to bed to hopefully get a good nights sleep so I can be awake for class and the meeting with the lawyer tomorrow x.X.

Pain was a bit annoying today. My R foot was angry after the MRI so I used a cane for the trip to uni and back. Still getting the pain on the side of my leg. GP thinks it's refereed pain from my back :/ so thats a bit concerning. I guess as long as i'm not getting any nerve side effects it should be ok.

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