Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday, sunday, SUNDAY!

Ad dear. It's been a big day :). Despite only having two glasses of champagne last night, I did not feel well today. Though it may also have been from all the dairy and sugar i've had lately >.>. It was also flipping cold this morning, so I was in pain until I took a nice hot bath. Then I was ok. I didn't want to take any extra medicine because it's MTX night. Blah.

Anyway, some exciting news! My MiL decided to adopt a 14 year old shar pei dog. Despite being old he is actually quite active. He's so cute and snorty XD. I've decided to call him snuffilumps :) his actual name is Simba.

We also had a visit from my husband's paternal grandmother. It was really lovely to see her :).

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