Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last SOCF111 Class

Feeling better today :). We handed in our application for the first home owners grant and heard back that financing will be granted, they just need a copy of the new contract. So now we're just waiting to hear back about Milo (which should be fine). Knock on wood!

It was a slightly bittersweet class today. My last class of foundations of communication and counselling. I've really enjoyed that class and the lecturer. Hopefully i'll have her again for another class :).

We also saw Susen and Ian again after their two year trip to England. It was really lovely catching up :) I greatly enjoy Susan's company and Ian is quite funny in his way.

Pain wise wasn't too bad today. I have a bit of a cold I think, my chest has been heavy and my throat has been stuffy. Back/nerve pain today as well, but it went down after walking around a bit.

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