Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Rheumy and New Meds

So saw the new Rheumy today! He was actually very nice :) quite passive and happy to explain everything I asked about. And. On. Time. Major plus to me. He is quite sure I have some kind of problem, but he isn't sure if it's psoriatic arthritis (I don't have any psoriasis currently), seronegative rheumatoid arthritis, or something called polyarthritis which is pretty much the same only different o.O. In fact they are all similar and are treated in the same manner other than rheumatoid tends to be more disfiguring and polyarthritis is just kind of a catch-all? Meh. He upped my MTX to 20 mg (it's going to be a fun sunday night -.-) and added another DMARD called Plaquenil. Plaquenil is actually an anti-malarial drug but works on a particular white blood cell to make it less angry. He said it'll also help with fatigue, which would be awesome :). I also get to have an MRI on my right hand (since it's been hurting the longest) but it'll cost a pretty penny. *sigh* This is what happens when you see a doctor privately without insurance here in Oz.

Beyond that it was a normal day. Calling up people about the apartment and going to class. We are finally getting a bit farther along with the contract but the loan guy is away on medical leave, so i'm not sure whats up with I hope he feels better soon anyway.

Pain wise not too bad today. Hands are sore and R foot is a bit sore.

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