Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Scramble

Sunday, sunday.

It's a bittersweet day.

I'm alone tomorrow.

But today I have Bran.

It's been an alright day. My hands and back have been a bit angry. I'm concerned about the pain in my right foot. I can't tell if it's tendon or nerve o.O.

We made pizza for the first time in a while :).

We also ran some sums and I think we should be alright even with the new searches added on to our lawyer fees. Better safe I suppose...even if it's all ended up being about twice as expensive as it was supposed to be :/.

I made a new stew for Milo :) chicken based instead of fish. It certainly smelled less!

I've also turned in my final project for my counselling class and the workbook for my microbiology class. The article study for my counselling class is worth half my grade, so I hope I did well!

We spent $118 at the store, and should be good for the week. Thats not too bad for food for Bran, Milo and myself including $25 worth of free range/organic meat o.o....

I also actually got all of our laundry folded! Usually we have a basket left that I just can't be bothered with >.> but must get back into the habit for when we move!

Still waiting to hear about Milo.

Thats it :) goodnight.

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