Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Rheum tomorrow. We'll see how it goes >.>. I'm half expecting him to put me on a biologic and half expecting him to dismiss me. I'm not sure which is worse o.O. I'm feeling very tired again. I was up a bit early today, more headaches. My R foot and R hand have also been more-than-normal sore today, though my L hand has also been sore especially in the morning.

I forgot my anti-inflammitories at home -.-. So after my exercise class was not so much fun, especially as I had to walk around a shopping center for a while (grocery shopping and checking K mart). Blah.

On a lighter note, because my foot was angry, Bran made me a yummy dinner of spinach ravioli with tomato sauce and just a bit of cream cheese mixed in! <3 he's the best!

Ok, my brain is starting to feel like a marshmallow again, so goodnight.

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