Saturday, 16 June 2012

Apartment Check In

I am exhausted
I have blisters
I have scrapped knuckled
I have sore hands
I have bruised knees
I have back spasms

But you know what else I have?
A clean apartment ;)

Bran, Milo and I spent the day over at our apartment tearing up carpet, taking up nails, and thoroughly cleaning (Milo ran around and squeaked his ball). Now we have a clean concrete floor on which to eventually put wood and an apartment that is liveable and bright :). We still need to clean the walls, but that wont take half as long. We are deciding whether to move in straight away or save up for a month or so to put in the wooden floors, but that'll be decided soon. Also whether to paint right away or not. I have no idea how much paint costs :/.

Anyway, so I am sore and exhausted to the bones but I feel accomplished :)

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