Monday, 25 June 2012

Sort-of Busy

I've been somewhat busy today. I was able to get out and sell some of our old stuff (gaming systems, dvds, etc) and was able to get a bit of money to help with the move :) but carrying all that stuff did not help my wrists or back. After that I had a nice chat with the physio (I actually wanted some trigger point therapy, but she wanted to talk about my knee).

But after I got home I just felt exhausted.

Laid in bed for an hour, took a bath, just tired. So i'm likely flairing and need to take it easy, which isn't likely as I need to pack and clean. Though maybe something will actually show up on the blood tests I have to take monthly >:(.

Anyway, tired, sore, slightly annoyed, but at least i'm less worried about our funds.

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