Monday, 4 June 2012

Paperwork, Oh So Much Paperwork...

Mtx hangover. Not a fan. I really could have used about four more hours of sleep, but our lovely (yet pesky) little puppy insisted I get up and pay attention to him. Oh well.

I did go grocery shopping at least, and stayed well in budget :D. Just need to keep thinking of our apartment.

Speaking of apartment, Bran and I filled out more paperwork today to handle the loan and more stuff from the solicitors. Quite bothersome, especially when there are confusing bits o.O. I'll have to go in and ask about it tomorrow I think (although legally I can't handle anything since i'm not going to be the owner >.>). Bah!

It was chilly today, my hands, R wrist, R elbow, and R shoulder were especially sore. Currently the R wrist is really bothering me.

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