Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hand Cramps

Had a sore day today :(. I'm not sure whats triggered this but my hands and wrist haven't wanted to work at all. Luckily I had some pre-made foodstuffs so I didn't have to do any chopping. I did still manage to wrangle both dogs around for a walk (which Milo desperately needs, I think he's getting depressed >.>). Beyond that, today consisted of...you guessed it...more paperwork. We finished most of it last night but I had to fix up and send off the last of the loan documents today. Tomorrow i'll drop off the corrected conveyancing documents and hopefully that'll be the last of it!

Now my hands are cramping up, so i'm off.

Also getting nerve pain down R leg, especially upon waking. Maybe because i've been sleeping on my R side more?

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