Sunday, 3 June 2012

B-Day for the Hubby

It's my lovely husband's birthday today :).

I got him a stainless steel coffee cup.

We had some cake.

We had some pizza.

I had another migraine (though this one was more visual and less painful).

What I really want is a margarita.

But what I get is some methotrexate.

Yet i'll still end up with a hangover :/.

Anyway, it was actually a nice day overall. Bran got to watch his footy and play his game without me harassing him, and I even let him sleep in ;) aren't I a great wife? Lol. Really though, we enjoyed a nice day loafing around the house and eating yummy stuffs. He also received some new flip-flops (thank goodness, his old ones literally had holes in the bottoms of them!), a pack of maltesers, crunchies and a neat wooden London suitcase box.

Pain wise wasn't bad today. I'm actually not getting any nerve pain down my leg, which i'm pondering about...but still had a stiff back. Hands and wrists were a bit sore today but otherwise i'm alright. Had the migraine thing as mentioned, and my L knee gave out o.O which is odd as that's my "good" knee. Something i'll have to bring up with the gp.

Now to sleep and try not to eat anymore cake.

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