Saturday, 23 June 2012

I'm Still Boring

Spent a bit of time at the apartment today :). We are so lucky that my MiL is kind enough to drive us over on the weekends so we can bring Milo as well as a car load of our stuff! We cleaned the walls and put away some of our kitchen equipment. We've also gotten some info from the body corporate, so it's nice that they've been in contact.

Later in the day I watched an interesting movie take on Snow White called Mirror Mirror. The trailer makes it look really tacky, but it was actually quite funny. I loved the over-the-top costumes and the dwarfs being rebels on stilts XD.

I've also been enjoying the rice-bean-chicken mixture in tortillas, yum.

Tired again today, and had a bit of a marshmallow head for most of it. I'm looking forward to a good sleep :). Wrist and elbows a bit sore, but not too bad.

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