Friday, 1 June 2012

Meetups and Milos

Had a lovely time tonight catching up and meeting some new people at a meetup. We went to a neat little cafe/gallery that I haven't even noticed before (and it's right in the middle of the city >.>) then went out for  ...malaysian? I think? Had some ok noodles.

One of the guys I talked to lives in Nundah as well :) it'll be nice to know someone there when we move over. Less than two weeks until settlement!

Beyond that I spent a good chunk of the day finishing up my sunflower pregnant lady painting and working on a squiggly tree painting. I'm trying to get some little colourful pictures for out new apartment as we have very few decorations.

Milo's been chewing his paws again :( I don't know why...he was doing well. Either way we'll bring him to the dog park and let him have a good run around.

Not too sore today, back and hands mostly. I was able to use chopsticks so thats not bad.

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