Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Paperwork and Pools

More paperwork >.> I really need to study for my exam. That'll be tomorrow. Big pot of coffee and my books!

In other news, I forced myself to go to aqua aerobics today at the Chermside pool. The pool was nice and warm, and it was a therapy pool so we didn't have people swimming around us. The Chermside pool will be closer to us when we move, so I thought I would check it out :).

Speaking of moving, we finally got word that Milo was accepted by the body corp! Thats all of our conditions taken care of :D now just finnish up a few bits of paperwork and then settlement is next tuesday! Very exciting.

Sore today, hands, wrists, R elbow, shoulders were stiff, back and R knee/leg. Nerve pain, but a bit better than it has been. Likely because I slept more on my L side last night. I'll try that again and see if it helps tonight.

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