Monday, 26 March 2012

Bees Knees

To start off today i'm going to share something lovely :). Today I got to pet both a little puppy and a soft kitty cat. Makes me happy, especially as elements of the rest of my day were perhaps not awesome.

I spend about 4 hours in the hospital today. Not because of an emergency, but because I had physio at 11 and the ortho-surgeon review at 1 (which, of course, actually meant 2:30). Turns out my knee is actually messed up. So there. I've known this for 7 years, oh well. I'll end up having to get surgery to release a ligament on the outside of the knee so it won't pull the knee cap out of place anymore. It's called a lateral release. So the hope is that it will fix the knee pain, but it isn't a definite solution. Anyway, i've got a years wait on the public system to re-think it XD.

In other news I went to a Swell Gals meet up with the Arthritis Queensland people. It was nice to get to know some other people with inflammatory arthritis, but it does make me feel a bit sad to see whats going to happen over time. 

Had extra trouble with my jaw, knee, elbows, fingers and R heel today. Maybe the mtx isn't working yet :( definitely had the mtx hangover. 

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