Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I've been having some stomach pain lately. I think it's from the anti-inflammitories/prednisone. Not my fav. Blah. I haven't been feeling very well emotionally either. It might be because my medicine is being adjusted, or maybe because i'm frustrated at medical stuffs. Either way it isn't much fun. I'm tired quite a lot of the time as well, maybe i'm going through a flare. The mtx hangover continued on through most of today with a bit of nausea, a slight headache, fatigue and brain fog.

Counselling went well, she taught me an interesting breathing technique. I didn't end up swimming because I was too tired. I did, however, find a pair of sneakers that I think would be alright. Bit of a hefty price tag though >.> but they are supposed to be really good shoes..meh.

Pain: R KNEE, wrists, R elbow, shoulders, toes, R ankle, jaw, wore knee brace today. It did help support my knee but caused irritation behind the knee and around the knee cap.

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