Thursday, 1 March 2012

Short Stack

Only a quick update today. I'm terribly tired. Doctors went alright, had the blood test early and everything looks fine. It is a nodule on my finger but that doesn't actually mean anything >.>...

School was nice except for the random make shift presentation we had to do. I totally rocked it. I think i'm a kinesthetic learner as I tend to learn best by doing as opposed to seeing or hearing. 

I think i'll fill out the paperwork for the student services. That way if I need longer to physically write an exam i'll have it on record.

Went swimming, I had to share my lane with two other people who were way faster :/ but it did get me working harder!

Now i'm sleepy. Goodnight.

Pain: hands, arms, shoulders, sternum, R knee, ankles, heels, toes, some nerve pain down R leg, some stomach upset (from pizza? Wheat or dairy?)

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