Wednesday, 14 March 2012

It's Not Everyday That You See a Platypus Pole Dancing

Pretty much what the title said. I started off my day with a trip to my (lovely) gp. While walking down to the bus I was greeted by a person dressed as a platypus pole dancing on a light post with a sign saying something about saving the wild rivers. If thats not an interesting way to start off your day than I don't know what is!

My (lovely) gp trip was to have her fill out my student disability paperwork. Which she did, including adding in some extra things that I hadn't thought of and asking if I want to add more :). She's such a great gp. I still don't quite know how I feel about having a "disabled" label in my student files. I don't feel like i'm disabled, just that my hands don't work sometimes >.>...and I can't lift heavy things....and I need to stretch often....and sometimes I can't think very well...

Anyway, i'll hand that in tomorrow and be done with it.

I also met up with one of the people from the chronic illness meetup for coffee. She is such a lovely person :) I really enjoyed talking to her. Hopefully we can meet up again.

Pain level not too bad today, a bit sore this morning. I have been having problems with my R knee, it's displaced itself twice today and once last night. Not my favorite. I was feeling pretty bad this morning, fever-y and unwell. It got better by the afternoon after I had rested. I wonder if it's related to the potato curry? Or the change in weather? It was much cooler today.

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