Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kangaroo Point

I went to a new meet up today! It was a meetup focusing on people with chronic pain/chronic fatigue. Only two other people showed up but it was really great to be able to talk and share my experiences with other people who "get it". I really need some friends >.>.

I went to a new place to meet up with them as well, we met at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Cafe. I've never been to Kangaroo point although Bran and I have been looking at apartments there online. It was nice to go and get a feel for the suburb. It seems nice, and has some green areas which is good for being a suburb so close to the city.

My new shoes got a bit of a work out :) they were great other than rubbing on the back of my ankle, but I think that happens with all new shoes.

My shoulder was still a bit sore, but my right elbow is much more sore than normal. My right knee is also still on the fritz.

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