Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I was able to do a little bit of cooking today :). Not much, just a (beautiful, delicious) bread from a bread mix (that my lovely practically-sister-in-law gave me) and my chard chips.

Here is a picture :D

Look at the crust! Look at the crumb! Look at the color! This is the best sandwich bread I have ever made! It's yummy too :). It's from a gluten free King Arthur bread mix. I've used King Arthur flour in the USA, and I dearly miss it. They have such a great range of flour and it's such good quality *sigh*. I haven't found anything to compare here yet :/ but I suppose with being mostly gluten free i'll have to do some experimenting!

It was really nice having fresh baked bread. I was reminded of how much I really love making bread, I miss it. With this mix I was able to just use the hand beaters, there wasn't any kneading involved, so I didn't stress my wrists or hands. I'll have to look into making more GF breads. Maybe overnight fermentation experimenting ;) hmmmm....

wrists and hands were sore today, got the new knee brace so my R knee was a little crazy, ankles and toes were sore, R foot continues to be sore, jaw was quite sore especially by the end of the day. Fatigue was bad today.

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