Saturday, 24 March 2012


Ah dear. We had an adventure today! We found a stray at the dog park and spent a good chunk of the day getting to the vet, then another vet to get the microchip information, coming home, calling the owner, and eventually returning the cute little dog. I do feel bad, because that dog had obvious skin problems and flees, but the owner was so happy to have her home and she seemed like a well loved dog. I hope the best for her :).

Other than that, made pizza for dinner. Yum. Had a tuna sammich for lunch. Eh. I'm still struggling with going back to eating meat. I'm not sure that my life is more important that those animals who I will consume for the rest of my life...but I will do my best to honor them and their sacrifice.

R elbow and wrist are a bit sore. Other than that not too bad.

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