Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not as Blah.

Feeling mostly better today.

It has been a long day though. I had my first session of EMDR therapy today. It was difficult. More difficult than I thought it would be. Quite a roller coaster of emotions. But if it will help my poor brain to process the difficult things i've been through than it'll be worth it. I'm glad I have such a lovely therapist, but it's so hard having to re-live difficult things.

In other news, I had my second exercise class today. It wen't much better than the first now that I know some things to do and I don't have to wait for instructions. I also got the physio to give me some extra core strengthening things to do at home :). I'm feeling very tired now after having so much emotional and physical stress. Good stress, mostly, but still stress.

MTX wasn't too bad. A bit tired, a bit of a sore tummy, but joint pain has gone down in general. Jaw was still a little sore but nothing like yesterday.

The occupational therapist pushed back my appointment again :/ and for some reason called my MiL to make sure I knew not to come in on friday >.>....k.

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