Friday, 18 January 2013

Burgers and Resumes

So sometimes I actually like to write about relevant things...but that time is not today.

I continue being tired. I was able, though, to get out and hand in my resume to a health shop down the road. Alas, they weren't looking to hire anyone. I also visited the "vampires" today to get my monthly blood tests done. Always fun to have an aching arm for a few days >.>.

I also made chicken burgers for dinner. Mini ones :). They came out alright, but I think I would only use half an onion next time and grate it. But i'm someone who doesn't like big chunks of onion. They were a big hit with the hubby ;).

Hip wasn't too bad today. I did have a horrible cramp in my calf that started Milo with my yelling...and my R knee has been wonky....but other than that not too bad pain wise!

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