Monday, 7 January 2013

Elimination Diet Day 1

So today was fine. As i've mentioned, i'm not cutting out a whole lot of stuff yet. I did have a little bit of cheese, which tends not to bother me, but I think i'll really need to cut out all dairy. I'm not going to be too hard on myself though because I know i'll just want to stop. I have stayed gluten free though, and found some interesting recipes using coconut flour that i'm going to try after I get the chance to get some coconut oil.

We also got our couch cushions replaced today. O.M.Gs! What a difference that has made! We previously had cushions that had springs under a bit of foam. The springs ended up going every which way within 3 years >.< and this isn't a cheapy little couch either. So finally we had the cushions replaced by a local re-upholstery man. He did a great job and used good quality foam which is guaranteed for 7 years. He was late, which I don't like, but he was polite and gave Milo a pat. Plus he said if the foam was too hard then he would be happy to replace it with softer foam. It's that kind of thing I appreciate :). Plus he got it done all in one day! I've already noticed that my hip doesn't hurt as much :) very nice.

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