Saturday, 19 January 2013

Maybe Wheat Sensitive?

Remember those mini-hamburgers I made yesterday? Well...I think i'm reacting to the gluten in them. Either that or i'm going to end up with gastroenteritis again (although i'm pretty sure they were cooked through...) I had a very bloated feeling all day, with little spasms of pain. I only really felt hungry this evening. Blah, we'll see what tomorrow brings...

I don't want to be sensitive to wheat :( I love making bread. It isn't even baking in general, it's working with the bread dough, the feel and the smell of the yeast mixing with the wheat flour and the elasticity of the gluten forming bonds... From my experience, it can't be recreated in a gluten free bread. While some gluten free breads are tasty, they seem more like a batter to work with. This makes me feel a little sad.

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