Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stuff and Things

Ah dear. It was a long day today, and will be a longer one tomorrow. Today was new student orientation (which a total of 5 out of 110 new students went to >.>) and class.  I was also able to get some housework done so that is good :). Tomorrow I have a GP appointment to check out the bump on my knuckle, grocery shopping, class, a meeting with the student assistance head and swimming if i'm not exhausted. I'm tired just thinking about it! Or maybe because I was up at 5:30 am today >.>. Been a while since i've seen sunrise.

My foot has mostly been alright, it's starting to flare up a bit now. I've had to ration my prednisone to 4 mg for the last two days, 5 mg today. But i'll get it filled tomorrow :). My poor doctor, I have a bit of a laundry list for her...

On a lighter note, we had home made pizza for dinner :D I have to wheat crust is much better than my not wheat crust...but thats mostly because I make awesome pizza to begin with (with the help of my happy hubby <3 he kneads and cuts things up :D ).

I also found out that I won't have to sit a test to get my Aussie driver's license! That was super exciting. So i'll be legal to drive (despite not having a car) this weekend or so :) it will be useful on the other hand to have a legal form of ID other than my passport. That also means i'll FINALLY be able to start the name changing process (much to Bran's joy, poor guy has had to wait nearly two years for his wife to have the same name! [not that partners need to have the same name, but it was something we decided on before we got married and he has been very patient :) ] ).

Pain: R FOOT, wrists, hands, elbows, SHOULDERS, R knee, ankles, toes, getting some nerve pain down my R leg which is a bit concerning...

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