Sunday, 27 March 2011

Muffin tops

The food, not the tummy overflow over too-small jeans. I made some today. Pics tomorrow maybe. They were alright, but actually I really wanted cookies, not muffin tops :(. It's been a busy (kinda) past two day, but it's nearly 11 pm and I'm kinda tired, so I may have to post about it tomorrow. I have the feeling posting every day for a year may be harder than expected.

I did some sketching too the other day, remind me to put that up....though it isn't very good. But I haven't put any artwork up, and I ought to. I want to do some paintings, but I can't get the sketch right. I need someone to pose I think, or get a little figure...or look up a picture online, but the figure I'm drawing is topless, so I don't really want to look up topless chicks online. -endrant-

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