Friday, 18 March 2011

Of soups and brownies and cities

So today I must venture into the big city to turn in my visa papers. While I am excited to be on the path to residency (which means being able to go to school, get medical attention, and not have to worry about being kicked out) I am really nervous about going there by myself. It isn't that I can't or that I'm overly anxious, I just hate going places where the people don't actually look at you. It is lonely and distressing to me. Plus if they do the interview now for some reason I may mix up the dates! I'm so bad with dates *cry*. I'll manage.

Anyway, on to more fun things. Last night I made eggless brownies! Now, don't go thinking I made brownies that were lacking something because they didn't have four eggs in them. They weren't brownies with egg substitutes, they were delicious, tender, flavourful brownies that happened not to use eggs in them. Here is the link to the recipe:

Mmm, they were so yummy <3. I did double the recipe, but did not have enough cocoa powder, so I mixed in most of a bar of cooking chocolate in with the melting butter. I also used about half a cup of vanilla yogurt in place of the buttermilk. It had a slightly yogurt-y taste, which both Bran and I liked, and was so lovely and tender. I do wish I had not cooked it quite as long, as it was more of a cake texture, but I will definitely use this recipe again.
Eggless Brownies

Today, I plan to make a pumpkin and ginger soup. I had never had a pumpkin soup (or any kind of savoury pumpkin) before coming to Australia, but my Mother in Law introduced me to pumpkin and ginger soup. And Oh. My. Gods. It was heaven! So flavourful and creamy without having very much (if any) cream in it! I make mine a little bit differently, as I like to roast my pumpkin first and put in a tiny amount of curry powder but I can't thank Sarah (MIL) enough for showing me this lovely soup. 

And for anyone in America reading this, yes, I type using British/Australian spelling because the computer yells at me otherwise T.T. 

Well, I must be off the the city. 

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