Saturday, 19 March 2011

Of rain and movies

Oh Saturday. How grey you are. It is raining here today, so i've been feeling lazy. I've been playing pokemon white. It's similar and yet so different from the pokemon red and blue of my childhood.

I made the pumpkin soup yesterday as well, but added a bit too much stock powder :( it's still good, but not as pumpkin/ginger-y as I would have liked. I did like that I got to cook it in my new big red enamel-covered-cast-iron casserole dish that Bran got me for my birthday :).

Also today Bran, Sarah (MiL), and I are going to see the movie The Adjustment Bureau and having dinner at Fasta Pasta. I'm not sure what to make of Fasta Pasta, it's kind of a semi-fast food place. Below Applebees but above Mcdonalds. It's all from frozen stuff, but i've heard that so is the Olive Garden (I am comparing to American restaurants because i'm a slacker). I've only been there once, but we shall see how it goes this time around...

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