Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunny friday

So it's friday. That means two days coming up of being with my love, sleeping in, and not doing the dishes (Bran does them on weekends <3). Yesterday was thursday, which meant fruit and veggie delivery.

We have joined up with a program (business?) called Brisbane food connect that gets in contact with local-ish (within a 5 hour driving radius) who are organic or chemical free and sells their produce for a fair price. They then put together set boxes of produce and sell it to local people. It's really neat, the only downfall for us is that you have to go pick it up from someone nearby as they deliver all the boxes to one address within a suburb (ish). But that isn't even a big deal ad Bran zooms over on his bike and brings it all back, plus no extra delivery fee :) other than the muffins I agreed to bake for Bran. Here is the fruit we got this week
Lotsa fruit

Also pictured is a neat fruit bowl which I <3. Not pictured are all the veggies we got. It's really quite a good deal in my opinion.

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