Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Of carnations and pickles

I've recently had a birthday. So now I'm the boring age of 22. Do you remember when birthdays were exciting? Birthdays and Christmas were always a big thing in my family, those were the two times in a year when we could ask for anything we wanted and typically we would get our wish. Unless it were like a pony or something of course! Anyway, so I have very fond memories of my birthdays up to my teenage years, now that I'm past all of the fun birthdays (7,13, 16, 18, 21) I feel like I'm just getting older.  Maybe because I don't go out and party like a typical 22 year old? Eh, I don't mind :). But I digress, for my most recent birthday I received some wonderful and thoughtful gifts. One of which was this crazy cat from my MiL and SiL:

After much debate with my husband, her name is Penny

Along with the cat, I also was given a lovely bouquet of flowers, of which included carnations. Now, I love carnations for two reasons. One, they seem to last a good long while (which I will get to in a moment) and two, they remind me of high school valentines day when you could buy a carnation for your sweetheart or friends. 

But for reason number one, all the other flowers have died. So in trying to be the thrifty person, I've snipped the ends and pulled all of the carnations together :). It's a bit too messy to post on here (I say after posting my icky looking corn chowder) but they make me happy to look at. 

On a completely different note, I can't get this pickle jar open! Bran and I both tried, using a towel, running it under hot water, tapping the wont budge! So frustrating. I may have to go next door and see if my former-Navy-Uncle-in-Law can open it. 

The offending pickle jar

Cucumber pickles don't seem to be very popular here. There are about three kinds in the grocery store, one of which is pickled in dyed green vinegar o.O. Not even touching that. Then the other kinds are the dill (pictured) and baby bread and butter. I'm super picky about my pickles as you can tell. Oh America, where there is a quarter of an aisle dedicated to cucumber pickles, how I miss you! 

If I end up making that pie I'll post it later, until then, bye bye :).

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